Client: Inhouse  /  Location: New Zealand  /  Year: 2018  /  Team: Designer - Jono Coates  /  Photography: Jono Coates


Colourful and curious in nature, the Fable stool is your friendly companion for the home. It might be shy at first but will eventually warm to all members of your household, loyally serving as many functions as it is able and integrating itself into the family. Common habits include tucking in under the kitchen table at mealtimes, sitting quietly at the end of the couch asking for a pat, and sitting by the bed waiting attentively for the morning routine to begin. The Fable stool just wants to be part of the pack.

The Fable stool is always immaculately presented because it loves the attention that its clean and chromatic presence invites. It comes in a range of base colours and seat pad variations and will be most content within a herd of its complementary companions.

If your Fable stool becomes sad or quiet, make it content again by hoisting it somewhere new so it can fulfil a new role for you. It will thrive spending time with the smaller members of the family too.

You’ll never come home to a lonely house again.



ø360mm x 450mm H


Base - Cobalt, Mango, Dove, Blush, Sepia
Seat pad - Natural Cork, Grey Rubber, Black Rubber, White Rubber

Custom colours available on request


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