riz apartment kazahkstan

Client: Private  /  Location: Kazahkstan  /  Year: 2014  /  Team: Jono Coates in cooperation with COORDINATION Berlin  /  Photography: Dirk Dähmlow


A luxury high-rise apartment based in Almaty, Kazahkstan developed in cooperation with COORDINATION Berlin the RIZ Apartment was truly a unique once-in-a-lifetime project where full creative freedom was exercised.

The overall concept of the apartment was to create a luxurious multi-sensory experience. Requiring a very expressive and detailed design approach where everything was designed down to every millimeter of detail. The apartment encompassed the design selection of all surfaces, lights, built-in furniture, kitchen units, loose and bespoke furniture pieces,accessories, design editions and a curated bespoke art selection.

For more detail on the project go to - COORDINATION-Berlin.com